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Creating an Orb in Photoshop

Creating an orb from images that you have in your catalog can be a fun and addictive activity. Flowers work particularly well for this, and they can be single blooms or bouquets of color. Most any colorful object or group of objects will be suitable.

This technique works best on a square image at 8 bits/channel.

The following steps must be done in the given order.

1. Open your image in Photoshop

2. Duplicate the Background Layer (CTRL-J)

3. Change the image to 8 bit if necessary. Go to the Menu Bar and select IMAGE > MODE > 8 BITS/Channel

4. Press CTRL-J to create a new layer. Crop the image if necessary. Crop to a square.

5. You need to merge all of your layers together at this point. Press CTRL > ALT > SHIFT > E (This will combine the layers.)

6. On your new layer - go to the Menu Bar and click on FILTER > DISTORT > POLAR COORDINATES Click Polar to Rectangular. Click OK.

7. On the Menu Bar, click IMAGE > IMAGE ROTATION Click Flip Canvas Vertical

8. On the Menu Bar, click FILTER > DISTORT> POLAR COORDINATES Click Rectangular to Polar. Click OK.

Your orb is now complete.

You may want to continue editing to enhance the color and contrast. This is easily done by adding Adjustment Layers. The Levels adjustment and the Vibrance adjustment may be all you need.

Here are some samples showing before and after:

After Before

After Before

After Before

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