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A Georgetown Square Photo Walk

On a warm summer morning last August, in need of photography practice, I headed downtown to the Georgetown Square. There are a couple of iconic images on the Square, two of those being the Courthouse and Gumbo’s tower. I have those shots, as most local photographers do. So I decided to focus on small subjects, vignettes rather than cityscapes, details rather than the big picture, and all to be within a block or two of the Square.

I began my walk at the corner of South Main Street and East 6th Street, the location of Rough and Ready Antiques. This image is an overview down the front of the store.

Rough and Ready Antiques

But much more interesting, and following my own self-imposed limitations, is a close up of a lawn chair surrounded by beautiful bougainvillea blossoms.

Rough and Ready Antiques

I continued my walk south along Main Street to my favorite shop in Georgetown, The Escape. I loved this Texas Longhorn who was guarding the entrance, but his surroundings were so busy that I didn’t know what to do with him. This is how I finished his portrait.

Longhorn at The Escape

Continuing south on Main Street, I chose to turn left onto East 8th Street, thinking that there might be a shot at 600 Degrees Pizzeria. However I noticed the alley off to my left about mid-block and decided to check it out. Here is what I found!

Jackalope Mural

Jackalopes! Well, that was interesting!

Almost directly across from me as I left the alley, and next to 600 Degrees Pizzeria, was a charming little townhouse at 120 East 8th Street. There was a little too much going on to get a full shot of the house, but the doorway and mailbox was really all that I wanted.

120 East 8th Street

On the southeast corner of East 8th Street and Main Street is one of Georgetown’s beautiful old limestone buildings – the Old Dimmit Building, built in 1901. I was attracted to the colonnade along the front of the building, and tried to capture the interesting overhead lights as well as some of the detailed stonework.

Old Dimmit Building

I continued walking west on 8th Street to another favorite shop, La Bella Casa. The owner always displays some of her wares out on the sidewalk in order to lure the passerby to come in and shop. These little birds were there on this particular day.

La Bella Casa

I crossed South Austin Avenue searching for some detail or feature to shoot. Nothing really leapt out at me, so I took a so-called corner shot. Stand at the corner of a building with a fairly wide angle lens, and take a photo. You will get a nice angled image of both sides of the building. It is a technique that I had seen in a webinar, but never had tried. This is the Steele Store – Makemson Hotel Building built around 1870, now the home of Capital Title.

Corner of 8th and Austin

Here’s another “corner shot” of the gift shop at the corner of West 8th Street and South Rock Street, one block west of the Square.

Corner Shot – Gift Shop

On my way back to my car, and stopping in front of the historic Steele Makemson building, I studied the scene back across Austin Avenue. I have long been fascinated by the old iron staircases on various buildings around the Square, but have never known what the photographic composition might be. As my eye wandered along the stairway, I noticed the crepe myrtle, and decided to shoot the two objects together. Only after getting my photos home did I notice that the stairway seemed to lead up into the tree and disappear.

How to Climb a Tree

I hope I have given you some ideas for a Georgetown photo walk of your own. I was lucky in that we were still in the midst of the pandemic and very few people were around, allowing for clear shots. Go early in the morning and good shooting!

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